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  • Elizabeth Johnson

York Street F Train Station Update

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

On Thursday, May 16th, Community Board 2’s Transportation and Public Safety Committee discussed its statement of community district needs and community board budget requests for fiscal year 2020. A second means of egress for the York Street Station is included in its top 5 priorities for our district. The Transportation and Public Safety Committee will present the priorities to the Executive Committee at the general meeting in October 2019.

If you live in DUMBO, you know that the York Street Station is overcrowded and dangerous because of the one entrance and the population surge in recent years. Advocating for a second entrance to the York Street station is one of DAC’s top priorities. We are strategizing and meeting with elected officials and other key organizations and stakeholders. Please let us know if you can help up with these efforts – no experience required; just enthusiasm to make a positive change.

To help with our efforts, we need photos of the hot mess at the York Street Station. When you see massive crowds or a dangerous situation, please snap a photo and send it to (including date and time is also helpful) or post it on Twitter and tag our account, @DUMBOActionComm.

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