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Advocating for a Second Entrance & Accessibility


The York Street Station is dangerous and inaccessible. 


We have been meeting with elected officials, the MTA, and other stakeholders to advocate for a second entrance that is handicap accessible and upgrades to the current entrance.


In May-2021, with the help of our local Officials, friends from Vinegar Hill, and the Farragut Community, we secured funding for three neighborhood priorities from the EDC. The funds are a portion of the proceeds from the EDC's sale of air-rights for the 69 Adams Street development.

  1. PS 307 will receive $1.5M for school improvements

  2. The Farragut Community will receive $1.5M for improvements and programming within the NYCHA Farragut Houses

  3. The MTA will utilize $1.5M to fund a conceptual design review to take place once their Feasibility Study for York Street work has been completed. Subsequent to the Feasibility Study and design work, up to $5.5M from the sale will also be used towards related safety and accessibility improvements to the station.


DUMBO architect Perla Delson has already developed a plan for a second egress -- which can be viewed here.

Please let us know if you are able to join our efforts.


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