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York Street Station Press Conference

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Mallory Kasdan speaking on behalf of DAC at the York Street Subway Station. She along with Senator Brian Kavanaugh, Assembly Woman Simon, a spokesperson for Representative Velazquez, a spokesperson for Eric Adams, Councilman Levin, Councilman nominee Lincoln Restler, Alexandria Sica from the DUMBO BID, the DUMBO Neighborhood Alliance, Vinegar Hill Assoc., and Concord Village Residents Assoc. all called on the MTA to complete a long-awaited feasibility study to create a second egress for the station.

"Dumbo Action Committee represents the needs of residents in Dumbo's mixed-use community. Earlier this year, DAC worked with neighboring groups to extract community concessions for 69 Adams, yet another residential and commercial tower that was given the go-ahead to build. Through this process, the MTA agreed to study York Street, our neighborhood’s problematic subway station, so they could devise a plan before something tragic happens. We expect that the MTA will hold up their end of this deal, now overdue, to study the possibilities for a second entrance and thereafter make the needed safety improvements. " - Mallory Kasdan DUMBO Action Committee

2021.09.23 -- York Street Station Press Release
Download PDF • 101KB

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