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We are pleased to announce that Dean McCann from the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) has agreed to extend the film moratorium for the duration of the DUMBO street reconstruction project. He told us, "I get it."

What this means for DUMBO: we won't have the incessant filming that we faced a year ago, but there may be an occasional film shoot, especially within local buildings such as Gleason's Gym. However, whenever possible, MOME will require trucks to park on Cadman and shuttle the actors, crew and equipment to DUMBO by car.

Therefore, if you see a film shoot flier every once in awhile, don't fret. If there is a real uptick in shooting, we will reach out to MOME and Councilman's Levin's office again --but we have no reason to believe that MOME will renege on this commitment to our neighborhood.

Special thanks to Dean McCann (MOME), Councilman Levin, Glomani Bravo-Lopez (Councilman Levin's Deputy Chief of Staff), Blenda Coracao (Department of Design and Construction (DDC)) and Mina Marcos (DDC) for their help in making this happen.

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