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Update from the 84th Precinct

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Last night, officers from the 84th Precinct updated the Fulton Ferry Landing Association about current neighborhood concerns and provided some helpful tips:

* If there is a traffic, food truck or other quality of life issue requiring police attention, it is better to use the 311 app or website rather than calling 311. You can upload photos to the app and website as well. They get 311 updates every 30 minutes (the City is working on syncing the 311 app with officers' phones so they'll receive 311 reports in real time). Also, 311 logs are incorporated into Traffic Intelligence Reports, which influence the way the officers police DUMBO. They urge frequent use of 311, stating, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil." Please call 911 for a real emergency.

* The 84th Precinct has received reports about "mailbox fishing" (envelopes containing checks are stolen), including one instance where someone mailed the envelope from a locked mailbox in his building's lobby. They don't know where in the mail cycle the theft is occurring. They recommend:

- Avoid putting mail in mailboxes overnight

- Report to the police any checks that go missing (even if not cashed)

- For stolen packages, please let the police know EVEN IF you get a replacement via Amazon or another company

* Recently, in Brooklyn Heights, four people were attacked by kids, two of whom were caught. The individuals were hit on the back side of their head, usually when wearing earpods. The kids grabbed their bags to steal cash (some bags were later recovered). The people attacked were all ages, genders, etc. (this was not a situation targeting the elderly or women). The police remind everyone to be aware of their surroundings, especially when using headphones.

* Feel free to reach out to the 84th Precinct directly with any thoughts or concerns. Contact information is in our Resources section.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Nov 06, 2019

The ice cream trucks were a huge problem...blocking intersections and when asked to move the drivers were extremely rude and uncooperative. I had made several calls to 311 to very little avail. I am glad there is an organization that also feels my pain. There are also cars parked on our bike lanes with police tags on their dashboards. What can we do?

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