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Illegal Parking in DUMBO

Help stop illegal parking in DUMBO.

If you see illegal parking, or other quality of life issues requiring police attention, use the 311 app or website rather than calling 311. Upload photos to the app and website as well. Please use a timestamp app to photograph the issue. You can find these in the Apple or Google store for your phone.

The Precinct gets 311 updates every 30 minutes (the City is working on syncing the 311 app with officers' phones so they'll receive 311 reports in real time). Also, 311 logs are incorporated into Traffic Intelligence Reports, which influence the way the officers police DUMBO. They urge frequent use of 311, stating, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil." Please call 911 for any real emergency.

Notorious locations where illegal parking takes place:

  • Main and and Water (at 30 Main on Water). When cars park illegally, the MTA busses and emergency vehicles can't turn off Main onto Water.

  • Main and Front (at Starbucks). When cars park illegally in front of Starbucks, the MTA busses and emergency vehicles can't turn off Front an onto Main.

* Feel free to reach out to the 84th Precinct directly with any thoughts or concerns. Contact information is in our Resources section.

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1 Comment

Paul Poccio
Paul Poccio
Oct 18, 2021

Being a resident of Main Street when the buses can't turn the drivers beep non stop and I've had to address them personally many times (they clearly don't care people live and work here which is another issue entirely). I've also addressed the people that park illegally to selfishly get a coffee or delivery. I put in a request to replace the "no parking/standing sign"with 311 in May (since there isn't one that corner, but a bit further down which no one sees when parking) . Hopefully the request with 311 will be resolved in the next month since the 180 days they take to address the issue is approaching...I've attached the below request for anyone interested in the status.…

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